ISO 18788 Security Operations Management System Training

What is ISO 18788?

ISO 18788:2015 provides a framework for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving the management of security operations.

It provides the principles and requirements for a security operations management system (SOMS). ISO 18788:2015 provides a business and risk management framework for organizations conducting or contracting security operations and related activities and functions while demonstrating:

a) conduct of professional security operations to meet the requirements of clients and other stakeholders;

b) accountability to law and respect for human rights;

c) consistency with voluntary commitments to which it subscribes.

ISO 18788:2015 is applicable to any organization that needs to:

a) establish, implement, maintain and improve an SOMS;

b) assess its conformity with its stated security operations management policy;

c) demonstrate its ability to consistently provide services that meet client needs and are in conformance with applicable laws and human rights requirements.

Why is Security Operations Management System important for you?

The importance of ISO 18788 stands on the ability of the organization to detect appropriate legal and regulatory guidelines and also support business functions and the supply chain. This standard is appropriate for any kind of organization involved in conducting or contracting security operations. The ISO 18788 certification helps you to establish, implement, maintain and improve a Security Operations Management System and at the same time assures that the organization has implemented effective management controls.
In addition, it demonstrates the organization’s commitment to continuously provide qualitative services that meet customer’s needs, protect the customer’s and organization’s reputation, while adhering to applicable laws and human rights requirements. By attending the Megademi training courses and acquiring ISO 18788 credentials, you will gain the necessary expertise to support an organization in implementing and managing a Private Security Operations Management System (SOMS). Furthermore, you will acquire the appropriate skills to manage a Security Operations team. 

Benefits of ISO 18788 Private Security Operations Management System

Megademi Certified ISO 18788 individuals will enable the organization to:
  • Provide reliability and establish effective Corporate Governance
  • Strengthen credibility and protect reputation
  • Ensure the quality and professionalism of security organizations
  • Establish sustained customer improvements
  • Provide confidence to customers, governments and communities
  • Increase the potential of operational success

How do I get started with ISO 18788 Training?

Becoming ISO 18788 certified is a key factor, which clients are putting an emphasis on when conducting business. That is why Megademi’s accredited courses offer you the best practices and tools on how to improve your private security operations and at the same time boost your profits.

Megademi ISO 18788 training courses

Learn more about Private Security Operations Management Systems by attending Megademi’s ISO 18788 training courses. Check the training courses below and find the one that suits you best.

ISO 18788 Foundation

Introduction to Security Operations Management System (SOMS) based on ISO 18788. Best practices of SOMS based ISO 18788.

ISO 18788 Internal Auditor

Practice of the Audit of Security Operations Management System (SOMS) based on ISO 18788 within company


ISO 18788 Lead Implementer

Master the implementation and management of Security Operations Management System (SOMS) based on ISO 18788

ISO 18788 Lead Auditor

Master the Audit of Security Operations Management System (SOMS) based on ISO 18788

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